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Axia Academic Publishers is committed to meet all needs of the scholars and academic communities by offering responsive and all around publishing support and collaborative partnership. We offer to authors and editors the following services:


Peer Review

All monographies, textbooks, journals, collected papers and other academic publications must pass the peer review process. This is the way to guarantee the quality of the content and to fulfill the academic and publication ethics standards. 

The editorial team of Axia Academic Publishers evaluates all publication proposals by a rigorous double-blind peer review. This helps the authors to make the necessary corrections of their manuscript in order to present their ideas more clearly, consistent and better structured. 


Axia Academic Publishers has a multilingual program and coopreates therefore with proofreaders in diverse languages. Authors have the option to submit a manuscript that is already proofreaded or to use our proofreaders  in return for a payment. 

Axia Academic Publishers has a multilingual program and cooperates therefore with proofreaders in diverse languages. Authors have the option to submit a manuscript which is already proofread (however the quality will be checked) or to use our proofreaders in return for a payment. 


Cover Design and Layout are important parts of the success of every book. That's why it must be carefully planned in order to find the right balance of content, typography and illustrations. The stylistisc concept of Axia Academic Publishers is minimalism in layout and design, i.e. the aesthetic value of simplicity, which permits a better concentration on the author's aims and ideas. 

For every book Axia Academic Publishers proposes a unique cover concept reflecting the main subject of the book. Following the minimalist approach, our designers use sans-serif fonts, a minimum of graphic elements and a mild palette. The aim behind this concept is to capture the reader mentally by a suggestive visual image.


When William Strunk Jr. and Elwyn Brooks White states in The Elements of Style: "Clarity, clarity, clarity", it does not mean that this is related only to writing. We are convinced that conceptual clarity is interconneted with the clarity of the form and the layout. Hence, we follow here again the minimalist approach: we use one font style (roman, serif or sans-serif), additional styling in the main text, except italics, are not permitted.

As formatting is not only a matter of style and aesthetics, it can change also the meaning of a phrase, for example in the case of suspension points/ellipses. For this reason, we allow suspension points only if the meaning of a senctence is to let something unsaid. On the contrary, if an author cites a text and omits some words or sentence(s), we use bracktes around the ellipsis as suggested by the MLA Handbook ("text […] text").


Publishing today without a valid ISBN (international standart book number), an ISSN (international standart serial number) or a DOI (digital object identifier providing a permanent Web address) is a no go. Tese identifiers are not only necessary for the inclusion of the published work in libraries and bibliographic databases, but also for receiveing payments when the author's book is borrowed from public libraries, the so called Public Lending Right. All three identifiers are also essential for the distribution. In addition to the calssic ISBN number, all our books have on the backcover a machine-readable 13-digit EAN-13 bar code, which make it easier for distribution. 

We are member of the technology and information provider MVB (Make Books Visible), a subsidiary of The German Publishers & Booksellers Association, and the VLB, Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher, one of the largest professional bibliographic databases and up-to-date sources of trade information on books. All our monographies are included and indexed by the DNB, the German National Library, and our online publication have additionaly an URN, an Uniform Resource Name.

Axia Academic Publishers works together with Crossref, which has the most advanced DOI technology for linking content and scolarly references, and uses its most trusted plagiarism checker made availbale by iTheticate.

E-publishing &
Open Access

In the era of AI and digitalization, e-publishing and open access publications are becoming a standard, a conditio sine qua non for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Axia Academic Publishers supports and promotes all publishing platforms. 

We offer actually two models for electronic book publishing: The Axia Open Edition provides open access books, which are free of charge to read, while the Axia Ebook Edition provides books in Kindle, EPUB and other formats, which can be downloaded after purchase in online shops like Amazon. The advantage of open access books is that they are for free; the advantage of ebooks on sale is that the author is entitled to royalties and get paid for his/hers work.

Our journals are and will always be open access diamond/platinum journals.


Axia Academic Publisher is an Austrian book company, therefore our books and journals are distributed at first place in the German-speaking area through the book wholesalers Libri, Umbreit, KNV, and in over 1,000 online shops, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our books and journals are indexed and listed in the catalogs of the German National Library, the Directory of Deliverable Books (VLB), the Swiss Book Center and many other European libraries. In addition to the European market, our publications are distributed in UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, India, China and South Korea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." 

French Writer