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Manuscript Proposals

First Steps

Before submitting a proposal, please determine what kind of service and publication you want. AAP accepts the following kind of proposals:

  • Proposals for printed and electronic (kindle, epub etc.) publications that will be sold and distributed world wide through local and electronic libraries
  • Online open access books, collective works etc. available only through the AAP site 
  • hybrid publications
  • Proposals for printed serial publications - journals, book series etc.
  • Proposals for hosting an open access journal

If accepted, open access publications are usually free of charge if the manuscript is proofread, formatted and press ready or in case of special requests and services for a small fee.

Please consult carefully the guidelines before submitting a proposal or request.

Nota Bene: The Institute of Axiological Research, to which belongs Axia Academic Publishers, is an Institute foer advanced studies. Therefore the Editors does not accept:  

  • Book proposals of students and scholars, who has not a PhD degree
  • Proposals of theses and unrevised dissertation manuscripts; book proposals that have their origins in dissertations could be considered for publication only if revised and fulfilling some quality criteria
  • Book proposals of a project that is not finished - your manuscript should be ready to be published or reedited; the Editors need a finished manuscript in order to check if your it fits the topics as well as the academic standards of the Institute for Axiological Research. 


Guidelines for Book Proposals

Any proposal should be accompanied by a CV which should include date and place of birth, academic affiliation, academic position and career, academic activities and full list of publications. 

Your proposal should include the following information:

1. A statement about the general aims

  • What is the book about - the subject and field of academic research?
  • What are the main themes, problems to solve, the methodology and the objectives?
  • Is it only theoretical or based also on empirical research?
  • What are the new theses and results?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the competing research and what makes your book better than the publications in this area?

2. An overview of the structure with detailed description of the chapters and the length

  • A table of contents as well as an explanation what you intend to cover in each chapter. 
  • Will your work include a comprehensive introduction and a conclusion?
  • How long will be your book, including references and footnotes? 
  • Is the manuscript proofread and print ready or do you need some additional assistance?
  • Is the text entirely new or have some chapters already been published in previous works?

3. A description of the intended audience and market

  • Who is your book first and foremost aimed at, who would be the buyers and readers?
  • Is it aimed at a student audience and/or at educators and scholars?
  • Would the book subject have a local or an international appeal? 


Guidelines for Journal Proposals

Please describe:

  • What is your journal about, i.e. the main subjects and field of academic research?
  • Will it be printed or/and in electronic format? 
  • Do you want it hosted as an open access journal?
  • Who is your audience, who would be the buyers and readers?
  • In which languages will it be published?
  • Would the book subject have a local or an international appeal?