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The motto of our publishing program is: Quality publishing with clear objectives and criteria. At the difference of other publishers, realizing books on value inquiry at large, our program is clearly focused on the key topics of value research of the Institute for Axiological Research, which are:

  • Classical and Contemporary Value Theories
  • Value shifts in Gender Relations
  • Social, Religious and Cultural Hermeneutics
  • Current Social Transformations: Identity, Democracy, Globalization and Justice
  • Values and Praxis. 

Please keep this key topics in mind when proposing a book or a project for serial publication to us. 

All pubications (articles, mongraphs, reference works, anthologies, journal issues etc.), without exception, must undergo a rigorous peer review process to assure the academic quality standards established by the International Advisoary Board of the Institute for Axiological Research. Actually Axia Academic Publishers uses 3 types of peer review: double-blind, open, and collaborative peer review. All journal articles and some monographs have to undergo the double-blind peer review. Open and collaborative peer reviews are especially used when some academic institutions insist on the indication of two or more hablitated reviewers. 

Axia Academic Publishers is a part of different networks and supporting initiatives for a multilingual Europe. Preserving lingual diversity is as much a priority for us as the publishing of good translations in the field of philosophy and the humanities. Multilingual editions and translations are from essential importance for bringing together scholars from Western and Eastern Europe. Therefore we accept manuscripts for publishing in German, English, French, Russian and Bulgarian. Other European languages may be supported in future. 


Umberto Eco

"We know there are books we have yet to read that will help us reflect on cultures different from our own. Little by little: that is how our European identity will become more profound.”

“The language of Europe is translation.”

Italian Writer and Philosopher